Monday, September 23, 2013


The BBE's first studio album, "What'll I  Do"  is about to be released!  And, like all musical projects, there is a story.  
I wanted people to see the beginning of this band and, to that end, decided to put rehearsals, special guests, practices, and first read-throughs on the BBE YouTube channel  The initial response to these videos made me wonder if the band might put together a CD of the most "liked" songs... go into the studio and re-record a few of your favorites, now that we've had a chance to make them our own.  
I thought about calling the CD, "YouTube Sessions" but decided that we may get into some legal gray areas with that title... so instead, I named it after the first song we recorded for the album.  Like our shows, we featured the whole band as well as smaller configurations to highlight the MANY talents of the instrumentalists.  
I chose songs which run the gamut, but which are all in the style of big band or at least the BBE's version of a big band.   So, you will get to hear "Spiderman" and "Can I Steal a Little Love" from our show, but you will also hear Jeff Carver (our trumpet player) play swampy, New Orlean's style jazz licks on "Devil's in the Jukebox" before switching to sweet melodies on the title track.  You will hear our intern, Nick, join in on the harmonies of Citizen Cope's "Brother Lee," my a cappella peer, Greg Bannwarth, add vocal percussion to "Birth of the Blues,"  Aaron Moe, make you feel like you just stepped into the Copa Room on "One for My Baby (And Another One for the Road)," and hear Dave Stanoch (band leader and percussionist) on a special, live bonus track - just as if he was in your living room.  Too, we've included "Hallelujah" and "Go Light Your World" based solely on your requests. 
I cannot wait to see where we go from here.  I know I will look back on the days of recording with the best of memories, but I'm already looking ahead with even more excitement to your response.  

What'll I Do

One for My Baby (and Another One for the Road)
Devil's in the Jukebox
What'll I Do
Brother Lee
Birth of the Blues
Can I Steal a Little Love
Go Light Your World
My Girl Tonight (LIVE)
I Need You By My Side (LIVE)

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  1. Happy to hear it is finally ready. Glad you included Brother Lee, that was great on you tube, but I enjoyed them all. Looking forward to wearing out the CD!